Minnesota United Methodist Parish Nurses Association

Under the leadership of Janet Daniels, RN, FCN, Minnesota United Methodist Parish Nurses Association (MUMPNA) was created by a group of MN UMC nurses who had a vision of creating an organization that would bring UMC nurses together to fellowship, share ideas, and improve parish nursing practice through education and information.

MUMPNA is focusing on using technology to create statewide linkages to achieve that first vision. In the true Methodist tradition, our website is open to all who are interested in growing a health ministry in their congregation and community.

Our Mission

Minnesota United Methodist Parish Nurses Association, following Christ’s healing example, provides leadership in fostering spiritual growth and development of parish nurses.

Parish Nurses.

They educate the congregation on health issues. They advocate for preventative health. They provide a person-based understanding of medical issues for pastors. They keep before us the healing ministry that was at the core of what Jesus did. They remind us powerfully that healing is more than cure; that body, mind, and spirit are inextricably woven together. They care–one by one by one. They embody the compassion of the Good Shepherd. Thanks be to God for parish nurses.

Rev. Brian Hacklander, Senior Pastor, Centennial United Methodist Church, Roseville

Working alongside a Parish Nurse made me a better pastoral caregiver. Want to give your congregation the best pastoral care? Get a Parish Nurse on your team!

We live in our bodies where our physical, mental and spiritual health needs meet. With their training and background in medical care, Parish Nurses are able to provide a much more holistic approach to pastoral care ministry than most clergy. Their skilled work with parishioners experiencing physical or mental health concerns gives them a unique entrée into helping people open up about their emotional and spiritual needs as well.

Rev. Marilyn Evans, Pastor, Ret.